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Imagine a room with up to 300 people, seated in front of a stage. On the stage stands a facilitator and a some actors. All InterAct sessions start by establishing how many years’ worth of related experience there is in the room - 100 people with 10 years experience apiece is a millennium’s worth of experience! What does it know? We then perform a play researched and written around a specific set of issues tailored to the audience. The play ends in disaster for the lead character directx 12 download windows 7 64 bit free. We then start again. This time, however, the audience can intervene at any moment, stop the action and suggest new ways of progressing the situations. They can replace the actor on stage, call out from their seat, come on with a friend as a tag team, text a thought into a character’s head or any number of other ways of intervening. The actors improvise around these suggestions often with hilarious consequences. New ideas are tested and different approaches developed with the audience building on one another’s suggestions tutuapp kostenlos herunterladen ios. It’s a rehearsal for reality where you can stop time at any moment and try something new. InterAct truly leverages the collective wisdom of a group in a way unparalleled by any other medium. It is both funny and deeply insightful. The tools and techniques are captured so that they can be applied thereafter and the play and suggestions turned into digital media to fuel sustainable change.

How else can you access and exercise this depth of experience and turn it into shiny, new habits?

“To see the outcomes of choice before
taking action is the beginning of wisdom…”


“Whenever an authentic truth is told, it sets up a resonance that can be felt by others, as a feeling of warmth or comfort within, a flowing or lift in energy, a solidity, an inner sense of “yes” or congruence or completeness skype voor computer. The more people train themselves to the higher degree of discernment, by practising this skill in groups that have the highest integrity as their aim, the more truth emerges and the deeper, richer, fuller and more effective the amplified field becomes.”

Sally Deadman Cummings, first woman to pilot fast jets in the British Royal Air Force.



INTERACT is a social technology mixing Open Space, Theatre and Accelerated Learning to generate mindset and behavioural change on scale. Contact us to discover the results we get through detailed case studies.


1 1000 hörspiele kostenlosen.LAUGH:
InterAct employs “a strategic use of humour”. It levels the playing field and helps people be receptive to new ideas.

InterAct actively captures and tests the experience, ideas and collective wisdom of the room. No other medium does this as effectively.

The immediate application of ideas makes progress tangible and real. Every group finds its own level. One size truly does fit all music on usb.

It’s been said that “nobody ever argues with their own solutions”. When people try out their own ideas, work out the chinks and apply them in a variety of situations that learning becomes experiential, which means they never forget it.


The audience watches a short play illustrating the issue at hand with humour, irreverence and insight. The scenes and issues are thoroughly researched and based on examples from the audience’s own experience skat learn to for free. The play is transposed into a fictional environment to allow for greater perspective and clarity. We reflect behavioural issues and dynamics both in and outside the workplace to pique new levels of acumen in the audience.

Why is it so important for people to laugh?
Laughter brings an immediate acceptance of an idea and demonstrates how widespread an issue is.
It creates a level playing field which helps people take risks in front of their peer group and the hierarchy children's games for free. We call it ‘a strategic use of humour’.
• It generates a higher quality of ideas and engagement.
• It drives retention.
• It creates subculture and a high quality of shared experience.


Story, metaphor, humour and iconisaton are the ingredients of accelerated learning. InterAct does all this within an immersive experience canon ij printer utilityen.

We deliver effectiveness tools and techniques to the audience in each session so they can try them when and where it counts, in the environments and situations they encounter on a daily basis. This builds ‘spontaneous effectiveness’ - which is where it counts most. The immersive experience creates the long term recall and adoption of new behaviours. We have delivered InterAct to thousands of people in all walks of life in over 30 countries. The enthusiasm of people’s response has always been constant Download latex mac.


The scenes are played again but this time, the audience controls the lead character, steering the action. They stop, rewind, and redirect the action, changing places with the lead character, talking directly to the other characters and trying out their ideas insta story. The actors improvise around their input, testing ideas and responses. It is the most dynamic, intuitive and accessible form of behavioural learning on the planet.

A room-full of people is intelligent. When the collective experience of a group is focussed on resolving common problem harnessing people’s intellectual, emotional and intuitive intelligence, real, lasting solutions emerge. People come to the realisation that “We know our own answers”. That is the ignition of empowerment.


Every performance of InterAct is different and shaped by the individual audience. One side truly fits all.

An InterAct session last 90 mins, 3 hrs or a full day. This means that 500-1,000 people can solve a set of common issues in a week. Those numbers and that momentum creates the critical mass needed for fundamental issue to be resolved for good. Imagine being able to change the meetings culture in your organisation in a single week…

All InterAct sessions can be supported by films, media and SmartBooks to sustain the changes.